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What Does Corn Fed Car Mean. The open enthusiasm of these handsome,. They are free range for most of their life and forage for insects.

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Rarely, the word corny describes something that is actually related to grains of corn or that tastes strongly of malt. Cornfed as a adjective means fed on corn. They're saying you're from the sticks.


Cornbread fed adjective used to describe someone, either male of female, that is thick in build but not necessarily muscular. But for the last few weeks they are fattened on corn. I can see it meaning a rough old farm girl, i.e., ellie may clampett (she was hot.maybe not the best example) but also those three girls that took a bath in the water tower on petticoat junction. In reply to coupland boy • 9:39p, 6/23/17.